What do you do when you find yourself in a season of pain and suffering? Hopefully, you will remember that God is with you in these seasons as well.
Just when you think you don’t have enough strength, money, energy, or time, God will bring someone into your life who needs your last. And guess what…
Welcome to the 52nd post of The Aim and Soar Life, a weekly Christian personal growth and lifestyle newsletter that provides actionable, relatable, and…

February 2023

How do we train our brains to love the way God asks us to love? I’m glad you asked! Here are three things you can put into practice right now:
Allow God to love you like you've never been loved before
Why is it so difficult for us to trust God? He certainly is more worthy of our love and trust than any earthly parent. He is infallible and faithful.
The Lord wants the same deep-level intimacy with you as He had with his closest disciples, and He is offering it to you.

January 2023

If you made some New Year’s resolutions or goals and you are becoming overwhelmed by them or feel like there is no way you can stick to them, don’t give…
It sounds easy enough, but anyone who has struggled to become physically fit or to lose weight can tell you it’s not easy, but it’s necessary.
Coaching can benefit you by helping you to achieve God's purpose for your life.
There is a certain peace you experience when you know exactly what you were born to do. Execute the plan God gives you and pursue it with heavenly…

December 2022

Fear no more. ACTIVATE your FAITH!